Adelaide Airbnb

You guys!!!

I just got back from two weeks in ze motherland, Australia. Meetings in Melbourne, an exhibition and workshop in Adelaide and some more meetings in Sydney.

This is the cute Airbnb I stayed at in Adelaide. If you saw my snapchat you will see it took 26 steps to walk from the front door to the back door. Pretty impressive considering I can vacuum my entire Tokyo apt using just one power point.

I adored the clean whites and copper vibe of this Airbnb.

Well, everything was ridiculously beautiful. This desk opened out into a dining table. (When did Freedom get so good?)

I mean, look! I didn't want to leave. Sooooo much space. So good for entertaining.

I had a few friends around one afternoon for some rose and cheese.

It was a great chance to break in the vintage glasses I bought for $7.25AUD (for the set, yo!) at the local op shops. Ah, I miss good op shops.

Packaging game strong down in Adelaide! All the locals kept telling me it's the only state where this Farmers Union Iced Coffee sells more than soda.

Ahhhh, and when in Adelaide, you must have a Pale Ale!

So yes, if you're off to Radelaide anytime soon, be sure to stay here.

Thanks Wendy and Ray!

More about my exhibition at Jam Factory, soon!

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Hello Sandwich

Adelaide, Australia Workshop

Jam Factory Workshop

Haaaaaaaiiiiiiiii Sandwiches,

The wonderful people at Jam Factory, Adelaide, Australia are flying me to Australia next week for my exhibition and to host a workshop. I hope you guys can come along!

I'm staying in the cutest Airbnb. I can't wait to show it to you! It's WAY to big for one person but I can't wait to have a little picnic on the outside patio! Check out my snapchat Hellosandwich for more!

Details over here.

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Hello Sandwich

Afternoon at my tiny Tokyo apartment

Hello Sandwiches!

Every year I put 'entertain more' on my new years resolution list, but every year I just copy and paste it into the new years list. Haha. I have this idea of being like my amazing Mum who plans days in advance what she will cook, irons the table cloths the day before, sets the ceramics on the table the night before, and is so utterly organised. Anyone who has my book 'Hello Tokyo' knows that she even draws a table plan so dishes are arranged according to colour and plate shape. And I once heard that she art directed someone to buy flowers 'that aren't too tall so we can see over each other at the table' when I flew in last from Tokyo. 

Me, on the other hand, I'm pulling the table cloths off the clothes line hours before guests are to arrive and serving pre-made food from my local supermarket. I'll get it by the end of 2016, guys! I promise!

But yesterday I had a few Aussie friends over for some snacks, sparkling, mixtapes and some craft. It wasn't MamaSando perfect, but it was fun!

I bought this cute drink jar and added the following:

White wine
Blood Orange soda
Orange soda
Orange slices
Lemon slices

(We added some sparkling wine as the night went on)

We each made these cute little file folders.

These legends with their Misaki Kawai bags!

P.S. Misaki Kawai's collaboration with Tiger is launching tomorrow in Tokyo! There is soooo much cute stuff! Be sure to check it out.

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Hello Sandwich