This is Antwerp (Part Two)

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Hello Sandwiches!

This stunning building was home to the B&B where I was staying in Antwerp. The ceilings were probably more than double the height of my Tokyo apartment.

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The final check before leaving for the day. When my odango goes well, I consider it a sign of a good day ahead.

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This particular morning started with a maroon, blue and paynes grey colour scheme.

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In one of the very rare 'Free Time' blocks in the schedule a few of us headed to vandal is't... I've never seen so many coffees on the one menu.

Look! For me, it was a chance to see how the city really worked. A chance to imagine yourself living in that city and ordering your daily coffee. And yes, I could totally imagine myself living in this city and popping in for my daily cortado.

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"Guys! I'm writing a story for a Japanese magazine, can you just stand there in a line?"

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The 'This is Antwerp' tourism project was aimed at youth, so the National newspaper that we were featured in took the liberty of changing my age from 34 to 28! Whaaaaaaaaaat? A few other changes were made, too. When I mentioned that Antwerp seemed to have quite a relaxed vibe when compared to Japan, I was quoted saying something along the lines of "Japanese people are stiff". Interesting sub-editing!

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Lunch at Graanmarkt 13.

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Gosh, it would be nice to stay at Graanmarkt 13's 'The Apartment'.

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I love this pic because it so accurately sums up all of us on our phones or cameras. We spent all day everyday together chatting away, but when we finally got wifi and had a moment to relax, this little Antwerp family of ours was comfortable enough together to be able to peek at our iphones for a moment or two. We were, after all, there to promote Antwerp through our social media outlets.

"Does anyone know the wifi password here?"

"Here's the wifi password if anyone wants it!"

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I only managed to hop on one of these sweet little trams twice during the week. 'This is Antwerp' set each of us up with everything we would need to explore the city. A rental bike card, a tram travel card, a museum pass and a sim card charged with 50 Euros. All meals, accommodation and activities were taken care of, too. Can I please do this for a full time job?

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A few of us headed to a local bar in our neighbourhood later that evening. We sat at the back of a bustling bar chatting away drinking our Belgian beers. It was another great chance to see the real city and people watch.

We bumped into some of the boys on the way home. More giggling than usual. And those chips you can see somehow ended up in a pile on the street.

Pants Off: "It's not Drink street! It's just 'Drink'!"

Miss you guys.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich