The Hello Sandwich Tokyo Tour is for those who love the Hello Sandwich style and who crave the insiders tips to Tokyo! With so much to see in this city, and with many of the best places being hidden and off the beaten track, it would be my pleasure to show you the Tokyo secrets that I’ve discovered over the 9 years of calling this amazing city home.

Wander down the backstreets without having to battle with google maps, zip around to all the Hello Sandwich hotspots without having to check addresses or opening hours. Have lunch at super cute izakaya without having to worry about attempting to decipher the menu. Pop into the best shops to pick up some goodies and stop for instagram-worthy-shots as I wiz you around my favourite spots.

As I personally guide you around the city, I’ll point out some of my favourite bars and things like late night ramen haunts so you have some extra local intel up your sleeve for later on. Keen on finding out where you can do karaoke for just 10yen? I’ll let you in on the secret! And when the tour ends, if you would like me to recommend a local restaurant and make a reservation for you, consider it done. It’s all part of the service. ;) 

To find out more, click on over here to send an email to:

hello sandwich blog (at) gmail (dot) com

with the subject line TOKYO TOUR and I'll tell you alllllll about the tours!


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