Kawaii gift wrapping ideas - hello Sandwich, KYOU & KILLIGRAPH (japanese only)

It' s a book filled with all the cute materials you need to make cute wrapping and comes with a CD-rom with templates for envelopes and boxes of all shapes and sizes made by Killigraph-san. The templates all fit to an A4 sheet of paper so it's super easy to print and if you'd like to make them bigger you can easily enlarge on a photocopier.

The CD-rom also has heaps (some aussie slang) of beautiful patterns designed by Kyou-san so you can print out your templates with patterns. And I made a collection of collages that you could print out on your templates too. One of the collages is a scatter of my craft pom poms and another is a little arrangement of flowers from my local Ozeki supermarket in Shimokitazwa. I thought it could be cute to see these printed on an envelope or mini box.

All of the patterns you see in these pictures (plus many more) are provided as image files on the CD-rom. Together we also made heaps of labels, stickers, seals and sticker strips so that you can print out on sticky back label paper and have fun decorating your packaging! There are hours of fun in this one book!