d.i.y: mismatched napkins

Photo by BOCO for Hello Tokyo. You can purchase the book here on Amazon. 

You will need 25 cm (10 inch) squares of cotton fabrics, sewing thread, sewing machine (or hand sewing equipment), scissors, pins, needles and general sewing supplies, an iron and ironing board. 

Step 1: Start the fabric facing the wrong side up. Fold and press a 1 cm (3/8 inch) hem around all edges of the fabric squares.

Step 2: Open out the ironed hem and fold in the corner diagonally as shown in the image. 

Step 3: Tuck the point of the fabric under itself and refold the ironed hem. 

Step 4: Turn the hem over once more to make a double hem and secure in place with some sewing pins. You will find you have a neat little mitred corner now. Finish by sewing around the inside edge of the hem with a straight stitch either using a sewing machine or by hand. 


E N J O Y ! 


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