nylon magazine, 2011


This is the English translation:

1.Introduce yourself please (your name and occupation)
Hello. My name is Ebony Bizys and I am Tokyo based freelance graphic (print and book) designer. I also run a blog called Hello Sandwich

2.What do you do very first when you seat in front of your desk?
I always make myself a coffee from my espresso machine and turn on my Macbook pro to check my emails and some favourite blogs.

3.How long do you spend your time on the desk per a day?
Eeep! I usually spend quite a long time, about 12 hours.

4.What do you work on the desk?
I work on freelance graphic design, writing my blog, making zines, emailing, drawing, collaging, reading magazines, scrapbooking, writing letters and chatting on skype. My desk is also where I dispatch all of my Hello Sandwich Zine orders.

5.Two things that must be on your desk.
My laptop, and some cute masking tape. I also love to have fresh flowers if I can, to keep me inspired.

6.Favorite stationery brand