Photo by BOCO for Hello Tokyo. You can purchase the book here at Amazon. 

You will need a wooden tray, round stickers, multi-surface paint, clear varnish, paint brush and craft knife. 

Step 1: Cover the tray with stickers, making sure to press down on the edges of each sticker so that they are firmly in place and no paint will be able to seep under the edges. I've used jumbo dot stickers, but you could also use smaller dot stickers for a different effect. You could also experiment with masking tape, masking off different shapes and areas or creating stripes or zig zag patterns. 

Step 2: Use multi-surface paint to cover the whole surface of the tray. Make sure not to add too much water to the brush, which might cause the paint to thin and seep underneath the stickers. Allow the paint to dry with the stickers in place. 

Step 3: Slowly and carefully peel off the dot stickers. Use the tip of the craft knife to gently lift the edges, if needed. 

Step 4: Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow it to dry overnight, then the tray will be ready to use. Yay! 

E N J O Y ! 
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