Bento Accessories

Little picks for almost anything - I usually make a western style ham, cheese and tomato stack.

ow! my favourite coloured faux grass! If you can't get your hands on bento patties, you can always substitute with cup cake patties. 

Little egg shapers for your boiled eggs! The trick is to pop you boiled egg in while its very hot so it cools in one of the above shapes. 

Mini dressing holders. yes please!

A while ago I mentioned my love for Bento boxes, you can see the post here. But today I wanted to also share my obsession for Bento accessories! After all, what fun would packing a bento be if you didn't get to use cute accessories such as pink faux grass, panda head mini sauce containers, and love heart tipped tooth picks?

Here are a few favourites.

Sandwich shape cutters! 

Alphabet cutters so you can form messages in  things like ham or cheese. 

Onigiri face makers!

Make some characters in your bento!

Nori cutters.

Hello Onigiri-chan!