My oishii Ueno bento on the skinkansen. 

Ebo-chan's healthy western bento.

A selection of delightful Ekiben.

So pretty!

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly post about Bento boxes again!

In case you aren't already having enough fun riding on the Shinkansen, enter Ekibens to add to the fun! Eki (Station) and Ben (short for Bento) are divine little lunch boxes bought from train station vendors. Mini-me portions of delicious Japanese food neatly arranged into pretty packaging all at a minimal cost. There is something so lovely about settling in to your Shinkansen seat, watching the Japanese landscape change as you move rapidly from city to city, sipping on your tsumetai green tea and eating your special bento! Ahh bliss! Hmm and with Jetstar announcing return tickets to Tokyo from Sydney including tax for $525 I am very tempted to book myself in for some more Ekiben fun!

For more info click here (Japanese only), here or here.

An Ekiben shop found at all large train stations.