Every Saturday I study Nihongo (Japanese language) for five hours at TAFE. Eek! Five hours seems like a very long time but it is actually extremely rewarding and word is that my Japanese is improving. Yay! It's an amazing class. It goes for 6 months and costs only $250. My sweet teacher Tomi Sensei makes up little songs to help us to remember things like how to transform verbs.

If you can't dedicate five hours every Saturday to Japanese study but still want to learn Japanese, I think the next best thing is signing up to Japanese Pod 101. Here you can download podcasts, translation notes, kanji worksheets and cultural notes. Or sign up for daily Japanese emails on Yookoso.

Another good tip is to make yourself some good flash cards. The above pics are some verb cards I made when I first started learning Japanese in 2004. The girl in the cards is meant to be me! Oh dear my hiragana was so terrible in those days - Gomen! (Sorry!)

Ganbatte ne! (Good luck)