Tavi and the wonderful 12-year-old world of Style Rookie

I spot some Yokoo here.

For anyone feeling slightly ill with the thought of nearing dirty thirty like me, look no further than Style Rookie blog (compiled by a super fashionable 12-year-old) to make you feel even worse. Oh but little Tavi is just so adorable and talented that you can't help but just love her!

Style Rookie is full of quotes like this:

In other insomnia ramblings, I am honestly not that big on fashion magazines. Or at least, I hardly ever buy them. I just sneak food into Borders and grab a bunch of Vogues and fancy WE USE HELVETICA AND ALL CAPITAL LETTERS/COST 24 DOLLARS magazines and read them in the corner whilst slurping some GoGurt and walk out without buying anything. That's how you gotta operate in this here "recession," you see. Go cheap or go home!

(Editor's note: ha ha! I love Tavi's 'We use Helvetica and all capital letters / cost 24 dollars' quote! Hilarious!)

And this:
Thank you guys so much for the very helpful comments on my last post. My intention with the no-press promise I've explained before, and by reading the post you'll see that it is not at all a matter of thinking the press is not worthy of my blog. I didn't start this blog to get a head start in the industry or bring a lot of hits to my page, else I would be grasping more opportunities. Because of this, there really isn't any point in me taking press other than wanting to see my name in print, which I really don't have any desire to. I'm happy to contribute to an article creatively, but that's very different. I'm really grateful to be considered as the subject of an article, but I shouldn't feel obligated to say yes to an offer just because others would love to have the opportunity.
I'm 12. This blog is for fun.

Please please please watch this video of little Tavi reflecting on her first year of blogging. Divine!

Love love
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