Not quite Ikebana

D-bros and Ikea


Little milk-bottle-like vases

Hanging jars (from capers) in my garden

My d-bros vases and a few bottles from my collection

Pretty multi-coloured glass vases

Milk bottle and a juice bottle I collected from Japan (table cloth from Newspaper Taxi)

It's not quite Ikebana but as soon as I get a bunch of flowers home I love to arrange them into a collection of little individual vases at varying heights. Don't you think they look so pretty that way? I usually put a selection on my dining table, one by our bedside tables, one by my work space and one tiny individual stem in the bathroom.

I use a collection of vessels such as a few mini milk bottles my mum gave me and some small jam / capers/ juice / mineral water bottles  that I have been collecting over the years.  But my favourite are these flat pack vases from Japanese brand d-bros (available from dedece plus in Australia) but Ikea have some cheap and cheerful alternatives.

Pretty hanging jars and bottles at a function