And the winners are...

The winner of the pussycat bag from The Special Hello Sandwich Eco Giveaway is Hiki of Jollygoo!

Hiki grows her own vegetables, uses eco bags and makes a 'fukuro irimasen' statement at the shops (which, trust me, in Japan, is a BIG thing!), waters her plants with shower water, uses handmade soaps for washing clothes, uses natural products to clean the house, rides a bike most of the time and uses her own chopsticks when eating out!

Wow! Amazing effort!

You are the winner of the super cute pussy cat bag! Please leave your email address in the comments below and I will arrange postage to you!

BUT!...I would also like to send a special something to two runners up for their amazing efforts!

Ii-ne-kore who replaced her hot water service with an environmentally friendly version, gathers cuttings of low water plants from friends gardens, collected seeds for her winter veggie patch, tried out the candle lit dinner and did away with heaters this winter (in MELBOURNE!).

Jacqui of InspireHome who does not use a dryer, doesn't use air conditioning, has a vegetable patch, uses eggs from her own chooks, makes her own eco friendly presents for friends and uses vintage handkerchiefs instead of tissues!

Ii-ne-kore and Jacqui if you could please also leave your email addresses below I will make contact with you in regards to sending your little prize!

A very special to everyone who made a difference for our lovely environment! Our lovely environment loves you for it!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich