Pink Rice!

Oh my goodness! Amy from Pretty Pretty Yum Yum sent me an email the other day to say that she was trying to make me pink rice as a thank you for this Hello Sandwich post and you will never guess what I saw when I looked at her blog today! Pink Rice! wow! Can you believe it! No one has ever made me pink rice before! Imagine sitting down to a mizutama (polka dot) table cloth and pinku or aka (red) hashi (chopsticks) and eating pinku rice! It's a dream!

P.S. Here is another photo found on Pretty Pretty Yum Yum! How cute is her hair cut! If I was Japanese I would like to look like!

Thank you so much Amy! You are just too too divine!

And, while we are on the 'thank you for thank yous' page, can I please say a thank you to the lovely Dawn Tan for this lovely post and Make It Easy's Aron for this sweet as pie post! world is just so lovely!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich