Cutest. Wedding. Ever.

Cheri's wedding is The. Cutest. Wedding. Ever!

Confetti speckled table with graphic napkins and heavenly floral arrangements.

The loveliest of all buntings.

Handmade Nature theme place cards

Something I have always wanted to do - string up a portrait drop sheet for guests! Imagine the cute photos they took of guests posing with these white heart balloons!

Oh my goodness it's the cake! A tower of marshmallow white cake sprinkled with colourful mini roses and topped with carnival coloured mini triangle flags. I can't stop gushing over this one! 

Teeny tiny Japanese origami cranes in this weddings key colour theme.

Clusters of individual vases forming the most beautiful looking table decorations!

To see more wedding pictures click here and here.

I also have to say a big thank you to Kate at Lovelorn Unicorn (once again! - remember Asagohan that came to you from the lovely Kate?) for the heads up on this one too.

Dear Kate, 
I promise not to keep re-posting from your blog if you promise to stop making everything you spot just so super adorable!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Everyone, if you haven't already, please go over to Kate's blog - it's my biggest blog crush of the moment!