Growers Markets and Co-op Shopping

One of our 'I heart food' shopping bags from Isetan Food Market. Have you heard about Bagbusters Bagshare where community members can borrow a green bag from retailers and return next time they shop? (It's a good place to donate any unwanted reusable shopping bags - I'm not parting with my cute Isetan ones though!)

Inspired by my lovely friend Yumi at Dear Plastic, and in attempt to start 2010 with a health kick, I've started shopping at co-ops and growers markets.

On New Years Eve Mr Y and I took our polka-dot canisters (from my favourite Tokyo suburb Shimokita) and stocked up on yummy things like tamari almonds, blueberries and kombu from Alfalfa House Co-op.

And this morning we woke early to buy fruit and vegetables from the Growers Markets. Home by 9:30am and with bags full of healthy things like okra, it was such a lovely way to start the weekend.

Oh, and I treated myself to some sunny cottage-style flowers. All this for AUD$25! eeep!

P.S. Have you seen It Will Stop Raining? It's my absolute favourite food blog!

Beautiful images above from It Will Stop Raining.

You might also like Pip's food blog - Mikes Recipe Journal and Just Hungry for some inspiring recipes. And won't it be great when Bree publishes her Vegetarian Japanese Recipe Book!

Well Sandwiches, Happy Healthy Oishii 2010!

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