Hello Sandwich Garage Sale #2 (Fabric Pack Special!)

If you missed the first Hello Sandwich Garage Sale (see more here) then you might like to come along to the second Hello Sandwich Garage Sale this Sat! This time the sale is at a very special location...out the back of my mums shop! (Thanks mum!xxx)

I will be selling more of the pre-loved packs but this time I cleaned out my fabric cupboard and have boxes full of lovely little fabric and craft packs! Did you know I used to have my own fashion label and also stocked a range under a 'diffusion' label to chain store Dotti? Needless to say I have a LOT of fabric and sewing supplies so if you are in need of buttons, thread, fabric, trims, wool, patterns etc...then you might like to pop on over.

And, you may have noticed I adore Gift Wrapping? Well, I have put together some little Gift Wrapping Packs containing everything you need to create beautifully wrapped presents. The packs I have put together for the Garage Sale are slightly different (and slightly cheaper) than the packs on my online store!

Remember my pretty tanabata installation? I'm also selling some of the unique elements from this artwork which would look so pretty hanging in any room.

Other items for sale are: Art books, design books, magazines, lots of cute accessories, clothes, shoes, handbags, homewares, pretty rolls of wallpaper, knick-knacks, bikes, furniture, BBQs, CD's, sporting equipment and lots of the usual garage sale stuff!

And...this time Mr Y also got involved with the spring cleaning and has some great Japanese clothes and shoes to sell so bring your boyfriend!

Do come along and say hello and snap up a Pre-loved by Hello Sandwich bargain!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich