Tokyo Snow

Hello Sandwiches!
ただいま!I'm home!
Tokyo was so much fun!
It even snowed a lot while I was there. I felt extremely lucky as I am told it rarely snows in Tokyo - perhaps once every two to three years. It started snowing one night when I was in Shimokita with my dearest friend Gracie. It went a little something like this:
[walking to Mois cafe]
HS: 'Dude! It's snowing!'
Gracie: 'It looks like snow but it's just rain'
HS: 'DUDE! It's snowing'
Gracie: 'OMG! It's snow! It's snowing!' Dude look at my umbrella! There's snow on my umbrella'. OMG I can't believe it's snowing in Tokyo! We are so lucky!'

Walking home that evening through the quiet residential area where Mr Y's family home is located I noticed a single track of footprints etched into the snow which seemed to turn around and walk back over itself. 'Strange', I thought. Why would someone walk over existing footprints? And then I noticed some sort of marking under each light-post. Looking a little closer I discovered these markings were in fact the letter 'e' marked with an arrow leading to Mr Y's family home! Mr Y had snuck out in the cold to leave a little message in the snow! So adorable!

Well Sandwiches, I have so many pics and places to share with you and will keep posting about Tokyo this week. Hope you are all super well!

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Hello (omote)Sando.