Kichijoji and Koenji

Kichijoji and Koenji are two quaint little Western-Tokyo suburbs just 10 minutes apart from each other by train. Spend the afternoon wondering through their little alleyways, sipping your vending machine hot green tea as you go along (and a sneaky Pocky or two!), and enjoy discovering charming little shops tucked deep within each little lane. Koenji is great for second hand and vintage clothing stores, live music venues and thrift stores, and Kichijoji is a homewares + zakka-lovers haven. Miyazaki fans will not want to miss the Studio Ghibli museum tucked in the west garden of Inokashira Park in Kichijoji. Both suburbs are packed with kawaii cafes and cheap and cheerful restaurant options so it's super easy to make a day (and night) out of it.

All images above: Hattifnatt Cafe

2-18-10 Koenji kita, Suginami-ku

Duck as you enter through the teeny tiny kids size door into this tree-house-themed cafe in Koenji. Hattifnatt cafe is sure to bring out your inner child with it's hand painted forest wall murals and loft style tree house dining area. Adorable too, are the hand crocheted stool covers and blanket stitched fabric menu. My advice? Try the Avocado Taco Rice.

2-18-11 Koenji kita, Suginami-ku

Next door to Hattifnatt cafe, and ran by the same clever team, is a sweet little craft shop called Too Ticki. Here you can pick up treasures such as patchwork pencil cases, hand carved stamps, button hair clips and hand printed cards handmade from all around the world. Shop layout...think cubby holes!

2-8-2-3F Honcho, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji

An afternoon Baileys coffee at Il Cafe? Onegaishimasu~! Also pop on down to the 2F for a peek in the mini zakka shop and sister cafe Il Cappetit. You will love their very Japanese hand-illustrated menu and menu board!

Also worth visiting: Karel Capek Teatime Shop, Cafe Apartment (a cute cafe based on a 1DK Japanese apartment) and Wickie homewares + zakka shop. More information about these will be in the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide which will be launched at the MCA Zine Fair this May!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide everyone! I can't wait to show you!

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