My new neighbourhood

Would you like to take a walk around my new neighbourhood with me?

You might see buildings coloured in Tiffany blue, lemon and pink! Ooo Hello Perfect Town!

Best Train Station Backdrop Ever! A must for the next portrait shot!

My first rubbish day Tokyo style.

Shimokita Muji is only 7 minutes walk away. Perfect for those furniture and stationery emergencies!

This little local cafe has an organic lunch set for ¥1100 and you can also buy organic vegies from their mini-me market.

My new closest supermarket. I love you Oozeki!

Bear Pond Espresso
for those moments where green tea is not going to cut it!

Hara Donuts.

Shimokita Station area is always buzzing! But if it's relaxation you are after, best to head over to the nearby park / nature walk. By nature I mean 1 x turtle and 1 x fish.

This park / nature walk takes you almost all the way to Shibuya.

Hmmm I wonder if they will give me a job here! That would be nice wouldn't it!

It's so so wonderful to be a 'Tokyo Resident'! I still keep pinching myself daily and even a week after arriving I can't seem to move this giant smile off my face!

Tomorrow it's furniture shopping day! Hopefully I can find some super cute retro pieces for my new mini-me Barbie-doll-size apartment!

Love Love
Hello Sando