Hello Sandwich in Yen Magazine!


Hello Sandwiches!

The lovely girls over at Yen Magazine were nice enough to include Hello Sandwich in their current issue which is on sale today! The Hello Sandwich page lists some of my favourite things - mostly Japanese not surprisingly! The issue focuses on Photography and is jam packed with amazing content...A super cute trend page on Dutch style fashion, a very pretty 'i want candy' fashion shoot, and the issue also features some beautiful photography from my gorgeous friend Melanie Watkins. You won't want to miss this issue! Thank you lovely Yen Girls!!!

Special thanks to Nadia for this review on Urban Outfitters! You rock!

In other news the TVC I have been shooting is almost over and I can't wait to head back to Tokyo this Sunday and prepare for the Tokyo Art Book Fair next weekend! If you are in Tokyo please come along! Mogu and I will be at the Arts Chiyoda exhibition.

Love Love
Hello Sando