Hello Sandwich Tokyo Scrap Book Making


Hello Sandwich Tokyo Scrap Book Zine making in progress and taking up the entire floor space in my mini-me apartment!

It's such a lovely day here in Tokyo. There is the most gorgeous breeze blowing through my windows. I'm just back from a trip to Daiso to stock up on multi-coloured staples to bind my new zines. I love this area so much! It always makes me smile to walk around! Super cute cafes, the best homewares stores, amazing zakka supply shops and newsagents stocking THE BEST MAGAZINES IN THE WORLD. I also popped into the supermarket for tonight's gyoza ingredients. I couldn't read the kanji on the cold meats so I needed to ask a fellow customer 'sumimasen, kore wa buta desu ka?' and then I went on to say how difficult the kanji was so the sweetheart gave me a mini kanji lesson right there in the meat isle of Ozeki! Bless! Learning more and more Nihongo mainichi!

Well back to zine making now! Have to have these little gems finished by tomorrow night for Tokyo Art Book Fair launch party!

P.S. Listen to lullatones new(ish) album! You'll love it!