Earthquake Japan - Emergency information and how to help

Information and scroll to the bottom for what you can do to help after Friday's 9.0 earthquake in Japan.

Where to get information:

NHK world TV Live free app for Iphone
Japan Meterological Agency / Earthquake information
Google Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Page
The situation now in Tokyo
Bus to narita airport

Information about how to protect yourself in an earthquake.
I have also pasted the information below. If you are in Japan, please print this out for your go-bag especially for the numbers and shelters.

What to carry


ID - Passport

Water (3 liters per person per day)

Emergency provisions (canned food etc)

Mobile phone and portable charger


Towels (about 5)

Flashlight - Torch


Rain gear

Seasonal clothes



Garbage bag, the bigger the better (use for protection against cold, precipitation, as a container)

Plastic wrap

Rubber bands (a few will do)


Newspapers (protection against cold)

Pictures of family (so you can find them if you are separated)




Sanitary goods (feminine hygiene products)

Music player

Packing tape

Cushion/pillow (if possible. To protect your head)

Can opener or small knife (if you plan to remain evacuated for a period)

( I also had wet wipes in my go-bag)

In case of an emergency

Open windows/doors to secure exits

Put your things at the entrance

Wear thick-soled shoes ( I wore mine in my house in case)

Close the main tap (gas)

Charge your phone while you can

In case of a power failure, shut down the circuit breaker (unplug everything before you do this, if possible)

Be prepared for the tremors to continue for 24 hours

Calm down

emergency message board dial 171

leave phone calls to a minimum

ok to use Skype

watch out for fraud calls by people pretending to be police

When evacuating

stay away from: cabinets, refrigerators, bent walls, leaning poles, narrow streets, bodies of water

watch out for broken glass

move to higher ground if you are located near the ocean

wear a helmet or hat

wear a mask or cover mouth with damp towel

go toward the wind in case of fire

stop driving, park at the side of the street

if you have a car, open windows

NTT official information

Connection of public phones are prioritized during natural disasters.

They can be used for free (excluding international calls)

How to make a call for free:

・green analog public phones

Press the emergency button, or insert a jyu-en dama (10 yen). Your coin will be returned after the call.

・digital public phones

No card/cash necessary, just pick up the receiver.

Emergency message board


1. dial 171

2. Press 1

3. Dial home phone

4. Record message


1.dial 171

2. Press 2

3.dial victim’s number

4. Play recorded mesesage

NHK Safety Information Broadcast

NHK will be broadcasting safety information.

We accept any and all info of you and your family’s situaion.

Messages are also welcome.

Please call below,

03-5452-8800 050-3369-9680

Google Person Finder

Safety Information on Google

Emergency Message Boards (for Individual phone companies)






NTT East Japan

SOS Emergency Numbers

Police: 110

Ambulance/Fire Department: 119

In case of emergency near the sea: 118 (Japan Coast Guard)

List: Evacuation Sites

Manual for Earthquakes

NHK Disaster Information

Disaster Information for Individual Regions

Anti-Earthquake Procedures

Very detailed.

Tokyo is currently experiencing shortages on food and supplies. If you are in Tokyo please buy only what you need. My friends Grandmother is elderly and had to walk to three shops to get what she needed so please consider others at this scary time. Be careful of scaremongering and other false information from untrusted media.

I have made a list of the people I am following on twitter for information about the quake. Twitter has been invaluable for me through this disaster. You can also follow Hello Sandwich Twitter
as I am constantly updating and retweeting with information.


I am selling the PDF of my Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping for $5 and all money raised will go to the Red Cross to support survivors and rebuild Japan. PLEASE HELP. Please donate and ask your friends to donate.

Here is some good information about other places to donate. You can also donate through my friends raffles here and here.