Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide



Hello Sandwiches!

I am very happy to announce the launch of my new  Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide! Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about the release date for being so patient.

The Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide reviews my favourite Tokyo suburbs including Shimokitazawa, Harajuku, Shibuya, Kichijoji, Nakameguro, Daikanyama, Shinjuku and some cool up and coming suburbs. My previous Tokyo Guide was a review of the places I loved to visit whilst holidaying in Tokyo however this new guide is a peek into all of the amazing places I've discovered since moving to Tokyo in 2010.

The Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide is a guide for people who like travelling like a local and visiting hidden places off the beaten track. There are tips on where to rent a bike, the best bike path, the best coffee, the best craft shops, the coolest shops, the cheapest drinks, the most delicious pizza, the best izakaya, the cutest cafes, the best rooftop bar, the coolest hotels (and the cheap and cheerful hotels), the loveliest parks and even details for a girl who rides a courier bike to a local park to sell her hand-baked goods... It's a list of all of the places I frequent, making it a local insiders guide to Tokyo. Also included in the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide are language essentials and travel tips. It's the bloggers guide to Tokyo and if you'd like to visit the places seen on Hello Sandwich, then this guide is the zine for you.

The Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide lists over 100 fun places to visit! The content of this zine is almost completely different to my previous Tokyo Guide with almost double the amount of listings, so, if you've already travelled to Tokyo on my previous guide, then you might fancy this updated guide, too!

To make life easier the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide comes complete with maps and links to the Google maps to make it just that little bit easier to get around. Load them onto your iphone or ipad and getting around Tokyo will be a breeze!

60 pages hard copy zine
Printed in Japan
Uncoated paper stock
A5 size
Saddle stitch bound
$25 AUD
Posted internationally with love from Tokyo

Important Delivery note:

The zines are currently being printed and will be posted to you with love from Tokyo in March 2013.
The printing run is limited so please be quick to get your copy as all of the previous Hello Sandwich zines and books have sold out.

Get your copy from the Hello Sandwich Shop here.

Enjoy your trip to Tokyo!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

(Thank you all for your comments below - it's hard copy only xoxo)
If you are a brick and mortar store looking to stock this zine please email me for details: hellosandwichblog (at) gmail (dot) com