The last train at Shimokitazawa

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Sandwiches, there will be no more above ground Odakyu-sen trains at Shimokitazawa station ever again. It's so sad. The Odakyu-sen at Shimokitazawa went underground from today. They are calling it 'Shimo-chika'. ('Chika' means basement.)

We went and watched the last train pull into Shimokitazawa station at 1:03am this morning and recorded it in this little video below. This video even made me cry - and I made it! The music in the video is by the incredible Priscilla Ahn (if you have headphones please plug them in before watching this little movie).

I'll cherish the memories of the fumikiri and above ground Odakyu-sen trains at Shimokitazawa.

If you have any interest, you can see more videos of the final train on the Shimo-chika facebook page.

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