April + May in Tokyo 2013

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Hello Sandwiches!

It's getting warmer in Tokyo these days which, for me, is a shame as I love winter in Japan. Although all of the colourful spring flowers and potted gardens around each corner make up for the humid days on approach.

My friend Ros made an amazing 'Omedetou-five-year-Japan-visa' Panda onigiri lunch for me the other day. It was made using a panda onigiri mould and nori punch.

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Keeping with the panda theme, Ros decorated her apartment wall especially for our lunch. You're the sweetest, Ros! Thank you!

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After lunch we spent the afternoon exchanging craft techniques.

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Recently I also visited my friend Kasuga-san's beautiful new atelier. Her styling is impeccable.

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I was delighted to see Kasuga-san had my zine in her display book shelf.

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Kasuga-san had made some delicious rice portions wrapped in foil and presented in a beautiful woven bamboo basket.

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We sat around drinking sake, beer and wine and chatting about craft and other creative projects.

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The Hello Sandwich x Martha Stewart Crafts Japan x PLAZA workshop in Futako-Tamagawa.

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Experimenting making polka dot patterns with Martha Stewart Crafts clay.

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Receiving cute handmade customised cookie sticks from friends is the best!

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Stocking up on multi coloured pompom tape from the Japan Hobby Show.

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Cute 'Do not bend' messages on mail from Mami-chan.

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The cutest (post Japan Hobby Show) treats from Mami-chan.

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Books + Zines on display at my Aoyama workshops.

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Cutest beer ever!水曜日のネコ!  Love you Japan!

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On the topic of great Japanese packaging, I love the design of these オーバンドカラーバック rubber bands.

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Using the Martha Stewart Crafts Clay I made each staff member from my new Japanese company these little brooches to pin to our name tags.

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If you're in Tokyo, please come along to the Hello Sandwich handmade notebook workshop on 28th May at Tokyo's best craft shop, Wrapple! For details, and to reserve your spot, please check here.

(P.S. If you're in Tokyo and looking for craft shops, you might like to check out my new Tokyo Guide Zine which includes all of the cute shops I've found since living here in Tokyo. There are only a limited amount left (1/4 zines left) so please don't miss out if you are thinking of coming to Tokyo this year).

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