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Yesterday three of us set off from Shinjuku to climb Takao-san! Such a super fun day. Fresh air. Cicadas. Amazing views. The sweet smell of hinoki. Dragonflies. Incredibly beautiful trees.

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Probably one of my favourite spots of the day. That mesmirising water.

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You could look any which way and see something amazing. Little kids seemed to spot all of the teeny insects scattering around on the ground.

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The hike, although nothing like climbing Mt Fuji, was not without effort.

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Great to see civilisation closer to the peak.

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Chu-chu wine. So many good points!

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Up some stairs to a beautiful temple.

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It must be so beautiful here in Autumn, too.

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Soundtrack for the day - the sounds of cicadas.

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Ah, Japanese Summers! At least there is Kakigori to enjoy! I can't believe I haven't had one this year yet. Must remedy that.

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Top of Takao-san! Yatta!

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I really want these sponsored drink benches in my apartment! Really, really.

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And, after all that hiking, it was time for Nomihoudai and Tabehoudai at the Beer Garden! YATTA!!! I can't tell you how awesome it was having that first frozen beer!

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The view of Tokyo from the Beer Garden!

Thanks for a great day Takao-san! You're beautiful!

If you have the chance, please enjoy climbing it one day. It's only about 50 minutes and ¥370 train trip from Shinjuku.

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