Babachan's House Take Two!

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I bumped into Babachan yesterday and she invited me over for temaki dinner tonight! I can.not.believe the kindness of this family! She said she looks up at my light on at 12:30am and worries that I'm still up working! So sweet! Also - dinner at 6pm on a Saturday night! Soooo cute!

Babachan sent me home with an Ozeki bag full of kome!

I asked them about why they invited me over and how they knew I wasn't a crazy foreigner stranger, and they replied 'because you're always smiling'!

I've found my Japanese family!

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I have really, really missed Japanese home cooked meals lately. Also the setting with the fabric place mat and tissue box on the table! Ah, Japanese house dining!

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Dramatic Taste for 21 Century.

Nihonshu time!

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After dinner it's time for Nashi (pear) and Momo (peach).

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And, after everyone has enjoyed some Nihonshu and a bottle of Australian wine it's time to be silly with the little flag.

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Satomi-chan with the flag and the little Australian apron from Mama-sando's studio.

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Goodness, I can't believe I am so lucky to have been able to made friends with these incredibly kind people! Life has a funny way of working.

Love you, Japan! And love you my lovely new neighbour friends!