Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014

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Sandwiches! It's Tokyo Art Book Fair time again! I'm soooooo sad I had to cancel my booth because I was too busy to make a zine while I'm making my new book. SUCH. A. SHAME! I love this event so much!

BUT! I at least managed to escape my HS HQ to attend the opening party. If you're in Tokyo this weekend, I highly recommend checking it out.

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Bento Box Only bins! Only in Japan!

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Super cute typography. Love the differences in kerning! Ha

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Cutest standing bar ever. Stacks of blank books and stacks of sheets of paper as the bar counter.

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Cutest friends ever. I mean - OMG!

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Gracie and her zine poster! Check her booth out! Be sure to say 'SAKSUMAN' to get a free postcard with her poster zine! Booth B35.

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So incredibly happy to be able to have enjoyed tonight with these cuties!

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It's the first time I haven't had a booth at the Tokyo Art Book Fair in five years.

You can see previous years herehere and here.

I should really start working on my zine for 2015 now!

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