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It's not everyday you have a team of eight people from Japan's largest advertising agency, Dentsu, in your teeny Shimokita apartment! Seriously, the last time I had eight people in this tiny apartment was at a Christmas party in 2010! The poor Dentsu people had to sit on my bed. We shot a campaign for POSCA which will be released in October. As usual I hid all of my belongings in my bathroom. I can't wait to show you the link when it's live.

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After the shoot I headed to the Sophie et Chocolat exhibition opening at Gallery SPEAK FOR in Daikanyama. Those clever bunnies.

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Love this girl to bits! She is a fortune teller!

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I want this hair so bad!

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A nijikai at the tiniest live bar in Daikanyama.

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Missed-the-last-train ramen in Shibuya.

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The other day I said 'Konnichiwa' to my cute obaachan neighbour at the fumikiri and we exchanged phone numbers. And on Sunday she called and invited me over for tempura lunch! I feel soooo lucky to have these incredible experiences in Japan even though I'm a gaijin. LUCKY! I left with a bag of eel paste, rice and a pretty tin of tea! Amazing people!

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This is Babachan's sewing room! She sits on a tiny low stool to sew. So Japanese. Swoon!

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Babachan's house.

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Live by Satomi-chan. Was feeling super untalented by this point.

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View from Babachan's rooftop! Over lunch we convinced her to have a BBQ on this incredible rooftop.

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And on Sunday afternoon, I indulged in a few of my favourite things. Eating at my computer, miso with too much wakame and rice topped with gomashio.

Did you have a nice weekend? Tell me what you got up to.

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