Behind-the-scenes of my new book!

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Sandwiches!!! It feels like so long ago now but I still haven't shown you the pictures of the behind-the-scenes tomy new book. Those who follow my instagram would have had a sneak peek, though.

I definitely have the best photographer on the planet. I practically called her in tears the morning the van was due to arrive to collect the props after she saw a picture of the props and said 'hmmmm, they MIGHT fit, just try!' ha ha. Within 30 minutes she has pulled up outside my apartment to collect a few of the boxes so that everything would in fact fit. Next level service!!!

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THEN when I arrived at her studio she had pulled out all of the props from her own collection that she thought I might be able to use!

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Cutest balloon props.

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Props from the house of yours truly.

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The best team in the world!

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Hilarious! Love you, beastie!

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My photographer lost her head!!!

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Re-usable studio slippers.

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Hello. Sandwich.

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'This is coffee'.

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The teeniest organic juice boxes left by the world's best photographer each morning!

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Obento lunch break for three in the studio.

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Obento lunch break for eight in the studio!

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And sometimes lunch breaks looked like this. Instagram cuties!

 photo 10693597_319167508264236_262578269_n_zps3721f1fe.jpg

On location for the picnic shoot. You only had to think of something and there was someone there to help you. So incredibly lucky to work with such a brilliant team!

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Picnic shoot. 'It's a wrap!'.

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Cutest little feet underneath the party scene table.

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Bye bye studio!!!

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Napping on set after a 14 day shoot running on just three hours sleep.

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Cutest Akiko-chan!

 photo 10903534_351390378376246_1504895452_n_zpsfee41ee9.jpg

A sneak peek from the picnic shoot!

 photo 10932486_1612690488959471_488306791_n_zps1a9e724e.jpg

Obento sneak peek!

 photo 1736889_535354583262602_213899423_n_zpsafe090a8.jpg

And finally, the view from otsukare Moët drinks in Aoyama. (Photo by my beastie).

I can't wait until the book is out with Murdoch books later this year, Sandwiches! I hope you'll like!

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