Early September Weekend in Tokyo

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OMG! See that beer above? It's a sign that this humid Tokyo Summer is on the way out. FINALLY! MAN I hate Tokyo in Summer. I wish I could escape to another country every year in July until the end of August.

I drank this 'tall boy' beer on Saturday arvo (I'm getting back into Aussie slang, yo!) to celebrate selling out of my Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide zines! Thank you so much to everyone who bought a copy. You guys are the best! Mistakes and all, I hope this little one-man-show handmade zine leads you to some places that make your next trip to Tokyo even better. Thank you also to the lovelies who have emailed about a re-print, but as with all of my zines, I print a limited amount and once they sell out, that's it. Things are always changing in this incredible city so it's hard to keep a hard copy updated and current. Maybe I'll make another one next year. But, in the time being, I will be selling a few last allocated copies at the Tokyo Art Book Fair on Monday 21st October. Please come along and pick one up if you'd like one.

There are also a few stockists in Australia who still might have a copy such as

Metropolis Books and Perimeter Books in Melbourne. Kinokuniya in Sydney will also be stocking it soon, too.

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A shop logo I designed is featured this new BNN book!

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Um...ha ha...have you ever seen me in real life with my hair out? There are only about a handful of people on this planet who have seen me without a top knot in the last 6 years! Ha ha. I'm going to wear that bun, too much blush and strong MAC lipstick every day right till the very end. I always wear either MAC's Lady Danger, Ruby Woo or, on occasion, Morange or a limited edition crazy pink or coral.

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Do you remember this cutie Nina from NZ who I met at one of my workshops in Tokyo? Love this lady to bits! She sent me this cute pic of her reading my new book 'Hello Tokyo' which is in stores in Australia and NZ now, and in the coming months will be available in bookstores worldwide.

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Nina also sent me this snap of my book in Unity Books in Auckland. ありがとうNina!!!

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And here is a big stack of my books in Sydney's Dymocks. I wish I could be there to see my books in store in person, but these photos from friends are making it a lot easier. If anyone spots the book in a shop and can be bothered taking a photo to send me I would love you forever and ever! And, ahem, extra points for "styling" 'Hello Tokyo' on top of all of the other books and taking a photo! ha ha. My email is hellosandwichblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Or if you use the hashtag #HelloTokyoBook I'd love to see it!

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I'm embarrassingly late to the party but I went vinyl shopping in Shibuya with my friend Matt for the first time yesterday. I'm totally addicted. He taught me the cool ways to flick through records and we had so much fun in there. Not enough time though before we had to head off to our friends birthday party on this (below) Shinjuku rooftop beer garden. After months of feeling so ridiculously sweaty in this humidity the end of Summer is so energising. We bought 'roadies' (Go, more Aussie slang), and drank them on the Yamanote-sen to Shinjuku style. I'm not often on the Yamanote-sen, or any other JR lines for that matter, so hanging out with our beers, listening to the Yamanote-sen jingles, I couldn't stop smiling. Those jingles are so nostalgic and remind me of when I used to come to Tokyo with Mr Y before we moved back here. 

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Rooftop all-you-can-drink parties. I die!

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This poor fella might have have really taken advantage of the popular all-you-can-drink 飲み放題 system in Japan.

Matt offered to send him to the station, or put him in a taxi but he politely refused. There was talk of getting the police to help him to safety and off the road, but our Japanese friend Shige said "It's Tokyo, it's normal, just leave him".

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Mikoshi weekend at my local park.

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Each year the mikoshi stops outside my apartment and they break for a drink from the truck that waits literally directly below my apt. Dreamy Tokyo life.

You can see the video here.

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Love you Japan!

Oh! And have you guys signed up for Periscope yet? I'm 'Hello Sandwich' over there, obvs. And in the next little while I'm going to start streaming daily Tokyo Life over there! F U N !