Togakushi Shrine Misty Forest

Cedar Trees Hello Sandwich

Hello Sandwiches!

I'm sitting next to the kerosene stove heater in my little artist in residence house in Nagano, listening to the pitter patter of rain falling on the rice fields outside my door and still finding this whole experience incredibly special and surreal.

Did I already tell you that this house, this 'exact house', that I am staying in was where a friend of a friend used to live a few years ago. Everyday the world feels smaller and smaller. In 2011 I wrote this article on my blog. And now, through the wonders of the internet, Saya-chan and I have been hanging out together in Nagano where she now lives. I feel like the biggest creep 'Haaiiiiiii, we've only just met but there are pictures of you in your bath on my website!' Bwahahahaaaaaa. Ah, the internet.

Saya-chan took me, and lovely Valentina of Danish homewares brand, rice, to Togakushi's Misty Forest the other day. There was so much laughter, so much soba, so many photos, so many sound recordings and such picturesque scenery. The perfect day.

Autumn Hello Sandwich
Saya chan Hello Sandwich

This one goes out to you, sweet Adrian, (and yeah, I know, it's not centered haha). From now on I am carrying a yellow knitted sweater in my photography bag as a prop. You guys, if you haven't seen Adrian's work (I met him on this Antwerp trip), you have to head right over to his site now! Saya-chan pulled out a light meter app at one stage. Adrian, you would love shooting with her.

Mist in Forest Hello Sandwich
Moss Hello Sandwich

This beautiful mossy forest!

Misty Forest Hello Sandwich
Hello Sandwich Misty Forest

When we arrived at the entrance to Tohakushi shrine it was clear-ish, but as time passed, the most incredible mist flowed over us and turned out photos into captured dreamlike ghibli moments.

Misty Forest Hello Sandwich
Autumn Leaves in Misty Forest Hello Sandwich
Nagano Misty Forest Hello Sandwich
Misty Cedar Trees Hello Sandwich

I took some sound recordings, too. I'm hoping to try and make a track before the end of my residency. Little sound snippets to transport you to Nagano from wherever you are.

Looking up at Autumn Hello Sandwich

Nagano is truly beautiful and if you ever have the chance to visit, I would definitely recommend it! I'm forever saying how I'm a city girl but each day here I'm becoming more and more country life savvy. There was an announcement on the local 'intercom?' that is in every house here, that warned us residents that a bear was sighted in our area so we should be very careful. Apparently there are wild boars, too. Hmmmm chotto...

If I get eaten by a bear and this is my last post ever, love you guys loads!

Just kidding! I won't get eaten by a bear!

Stay tuned for more inaka Nagano photos!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


Oh, and before I go! You guys, yesterday, the other artist in residence and I popped into the shrine next door to our houses to see the festival, and then we ended up at the enkai!!!

Enkai Hello Sandwich

OMG! How did I end up here?! Life is crazy!