Koichi Yanagimoto Exhibition

Exhibition Chewing Gum Wrappers

The Koichi Yanagimoto archivist exhibition at Six Factory was one of the best exhibitions I've seen in my life.

This exhibition showcased the prolific personal design collection of director, editor, writer and designer Koichi Yanagimoto, who sadly passed away recently. His collection was utterly incredible, and I had tears during my visit on the last day of the show.


Retro packaging, food packaging boxes, tickets, cleaning products, stationery, tooth paste, pencils, sauces, clips, airline tickets, stamps, napkins and sugar sachets were just a few of the things on display.

There were folders and folders of design inspiration that visitors to the exhibition were able to look through. I love to collect these sorts of things especially when I travel. I'm the weirdo at the Lithuanian hotel buffet breakfast wiping off the butter from the bottom of the label and slipping it in between my room key and phone to pop in my collection. But this collection was next level!

Banana Stickers

There was even an entire folder dedicated to banana stickers!

I loved the ANA folder which contained boarding passes, baggage tags, menus, salt and pepper sachets...And of course there was a folder dedicated to many other airlines, too.

Stress Stop

Even just one of these folders could have been an entire exhibition in itself.

Okay, I'm off to look through my little collection from my last trip to Amsterdam. You know I smuggled back an empty milk carton in my hand luggage because the packaging was too cute! Hah.

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