Meguro Sky Garden

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Quinoa salad, Edamame Onigiri with Goma shio, Gobo salad, Konbu and Hijiki Obento.

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Hello Sandwich mamachari parked outside Gracies house.

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We were on our way to Meguro Sky Garden, but got a little rained out. Took cover under Family Mart till it passed.

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Jitsuwa, we also got a little lost somehow too!

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After parking our bikes downstairs at Life supermarket (and also picking up some picnic essentials such as sparkling wine, umeshu, senbei, spinach flavoured chips and cheese) we headed up the stairs to the Sky Garden.

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Meguro Sky Garden is a rooftop oasis positioned right on the highway but with it's incredibly clever design layout, not a car can be heard from this lovely city retreat.

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The garden opened in March 2013, so the plants are all very mini-me at the moment. I was chatting with the staff and they are growing mini tomatoes, grapes and even pumpkins! One can only imagine how this park will evolve as the plants flourish.

Cherry blossom trees have been planted too, so it's sure to be a popular ohanami location.

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An incredible Tokyo view!

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The Sky Garden is dotted with a few seats and tables to enjoy.

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We set up our mini obento picnic in the undercover Japanese style hut which was the only waterproof covered are we could find.

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Chatting away until sunset.

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The park is open every day until 9pm and entry is free.

If you're in Tokyo, be sure to check it out.


1-9-2 Ohashi, Meguro-ku

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