Hello Sandwich's lovely new friends

Above: A pretty two year blog anniversary picture on Pink shirts and carwrecks.

In just three short weeks I am so thrilled to have found so many lovely Hello Sandwich friends! I would especially like to thank some very special people for making Hello Sandwich their new friend too. 

A lovely Melbourne based girl by the name of Bree. Although we have never met in person, I secretly think we must have been sisters in a past life. There are just too many similarities!  Ii-ne-kore posts about Japan, Design and Food. She even has a vegetarian Japanese food section where she updates her own recipes. Yum! Today she wrote a divine little post inspired by my bento post and has also added Hello Sandwich to her favourite links.

The Design Files
The amazing Lucy (also from Melbourne) of The Design Files whom I think must be my other sister in a past life.  Amazing amazing amazing! This is one super dedicated blogger who seems to never miss a thing. Thank you little Lucy for adding me to your links - I am honoured!

Pink Shirts and Car wrecks
The lovely Pink Shirts and Car wrecks who has recently added Hello Sandwich to her links.

Above: Some super cute post-it note illustrations by Inside Out's talented designer Grace Lee. (Note 'Hello Sandwich' - cute!)

Inside Out
The lovely Inside Out magazine team who are just too cute for words have also added Hello Sandwich to their links on their new blog.

Souzou and Le Petit Flaneur
And some old favourite friends; the lovely Emma Japan who has now turned French with Le Petit Flaneur and the gorgeous and super talented Yumi from my art school at Souzou.

Design for Mankind
And last but not least, clever American blogger Erin from Design for Mankind whose blog now features blog TV! Erin will be featuring my artwork in the next issue of her online magazine called Mankind magazine. That's right, not only does she have Blog TV she produces a blog PDF magazine too! Sigh! More on that later.

Thank you to all of you lovely little sweet peas for your support and encouragement.

Love love
Hello Sandwich