Craftastic Creative Club!

Isn't it nice when a few like minded creative types gather together to make some sweet crafty things. Like at the Brown Owls craft group, a national craft group run by the lovely Pip. Do you remember Pip's book that I mentioned here?

In today's busy pace I think an afternoon every so often to slip through a couple of crochet granny squares, string up a Polish Paper Chandelier or potato/eraser stamp ourselves a few reams of gift wrapping paper two could only be beneficial! Don't you think? How much fun would it be to make craft, sip green tea and meet with other like crafty types at a local community venue or artist run gallery? Sure, we may not quite be Leslie Hall, but we can only try right?!

Well tonight, I am proud to say that I have signed up for Brown Owls membership! And I am so excited!

Here is what Brown Owls creator Pip Lincolne had to say about her craft group:

Brown Owls is a crafty club, where you can meet other great people and work on crafty projects, together or independently. We learn from each other, chat, eat biscuits and just have nice times. It's designed to create connections, share skills and provide a nice social time for it's members. Does this sound like something you'd like to do in your neighbourhood? Yes?! Okay, you need a venue, a few members and some crafty enthusiasm! You can follow the lead of the other Brown Owls meets - or you can Brown Owl in your own way!

Some things you should know:
Please allow a few weeks for me to print up and post your memberships, people.
Brown Owls meets at LEAST every 2 weeks in Melbourne, but MONTHLY in other areas - meeting frequency is up to you.
Brown Owls is a 'learn from one-another' environment - it's not a craft 'class' (although sometimes someone nice will come and teach the whole group something!)
Brown Owls relies on member enthusiasm and participation - so try and get involved if you are not too shy. But we like shy people too.
Interstate memberships are $10 per annum (to cover admin, membership tags and postage) - and $15 for NZ and International.
All other costs (such as tea and coffee, snacks and room hire) are covered by members (hence the importance of low-cost or no-cost venues!)
I've prepared a 'Meeting and Venue Charter' for the 'prefects' in new Brown Owls packs.

Click here to visit the
Brown Owls Members Blog

Kaotic Kraft Kuties

So...I was wondering...are there any Cute Sydney Crafty Creative Types out there who would be interested in a Craftastic Creative Club Meeting every once in a while? If you think this sounds like you, just leave a little comment below or email Pip and I am sure she can arrange some Brown Owls fun for you!

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