Hello Sandwich interview on Design for Mankind

Oh my goodness! I am so excited it's here! The absolutely divine Erin from Design for Mankind's latest issue of Design for Mankind Magazine is here.
Have I mentioned before just how gorgeous Erin is? If you don't believe me just watch this video and you can see for yourself.
I am not quite sure just how Erin fits it all in. In addition to her amazing blog which has over 8,000 hits a day, she also runs The Bakery, makes weekly videos for her blog, and yet responds to any email I send within minutes! Talk about super powers!

I was lucky enough to come into contact with Erin when she saw my work on The Design Files (thanks lovely Lucy!) and she kindly asked me to be in her magazine. I have been in 'e-love' as Erin would say, with her ever since! Attached are some spreads from my interview (click on them to magnify so you can read the text) and you can download the entire PDF magazine here. The issue is amazing! I promise you will love!

P.S. Here is some more info about Erin.
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