Pip & Pop Kawaii Pop

Oh my goodness - I am so excited about my recent discovery of Pip & Pop! (Thanks Liane!) Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz work together as collaborative duo Pip & Pop. Their art practice encompasses installation, painting, photography and wall drawings.

Here is a little note from their press release:
Their abundantly detailed and seductively colourful works are made from an eclectic mix of materials such as confectionery, plastic objects and plants, origami, vinyl, paint, and magazine cut-outs. With child-like optimism and playful working methods, they construct and transform everyday objects into elaborate and joyfully excessive artworks that explore notions of desire, abundance and blissful states of being.

Pip & Pop will be showing at The Japan Foundation in Sydney 15th May - 3rd June as part of the Facetnate series, a grant program in which one of three lucky artists will be awarded a return flight to Tokyo to further their art practice! ah hem...why didn't I know of this sooner!?!! I would have liked to submit my work for possible inclusion! There is always 2010!

Anyway, I hope you will get a chance to see it. And the Japan Foundation library is a must for any Japan lovers! For more info about the exhibition please click here.

By the way, have you watched my art video Kawaii Pop?

Very special thanks to the lovely Pip & Pop for sending through this information. I can't wait to meet you both at your Sydney opening!