Japanese Book Covers

I love the way that Japanese bookstores such as Book 1st and Kinokuniya will cover your books in branded paper for you. In fact, its one of the things that gets me through my 5 hour Japanese class every Saturday - because its my dream to be able to read a Book 1st paper covered Japanese novel on board the Yamanote-sen.

But I also love Japanese fabric book covers - especially the hand made type! Aren't they just lovely!

Wouldn't it be nice to custom make one of these book covers! Oh and if you like Japanese craft you might also like this blog post by the lovely Allison. And a big thank you Allison for your link to some great Tokyo Shopping Tips.

P.S. I have mentioned Lovegeek blog and their A-Z Japan list, but have you also seen Good-ness Blog's A-Z Japan? Hmmm...A Hello Sandwich Tokyo A-Z may have to follow!

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