I Love Dawn Tan

Dawn Tan is an artist living in Melbourne, Victoria. She likes the smell of freshly grounded coffee, crispy autumn leaves, polka dotted cups, cranberry juice, vintage children books, cocker spaniels, bicycles, the accordion and so many more sweet little things. But most of all, she enjoys her days painting, taking pictures of life’s tiny happenings and writing about beautiful things. And I just love her!

Check out Dawn's blog Handmade Love and Dawn's Online Shop.

On the weekend I purchased a copy of her super cute zine! I can't wait till it arrives! I will be checking the mail box every hour until it does :) 

AND! Dawn emailed me today to say that because I have been so sweet (her words! hehe!) that she would also like to send me a drawing! HOW DIVINE IS SHE?!!!! NAW! I just love her! 

Here is a little something I found on Dawn's blog:

I paint a lot. Every morning, Every afternoon, sometimes in the evening, sometimes on my weekends. I paint!

I love painting so super much, I'm always too engrossed and forget about stuff that's happening around me. I think I have to remind myself to be careful whenever I'm working on my paintings. I tend to swallow and drink my paints and dirty water by accident! Trip and fall over random objects on the floor, get splinters in my fingers from handling my canvases. This week, I've been working 
a lot with glitter, and I keep breathing in glitter. Just yesterday, I found glitter in my tea! :/ Yucks!

Oh well. Dawn, please be more careful!

Isn't she just too cute!

Hello Sandwich!

Dawn also suggested I listen to this gorgeous music from Malaysia and you should too it's so peaceful and relaxing! 

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Thank you so much Dawn for sending me these beautiful images to post.