Japanese Magazines


I love magazines! I spend all day working on one, spend all my money buying them, and lots of my free time reading them. And there is only one thing I love more than magazines, and that's Japanese magazines! On my last trip to Tokyo my friend Joel introduce me to Ku:nel magazine which is now one of my favourites (ありがとうJoel!) Ku:nel is a Japanese lifestyle magazine that focuses on the quiet pleasures of life - crafts, cooking and healthy eco living. You can read more about Ku:nel here.

This is the cover of the current Ku:nel! So pretty!

Some other favourite Japanese magazines with a similar content are Come Home, Lingkaran and Arne. Peek inside one here.

These gorgeous magazines are available in Sydney at Kinokuniya, or in Melbourne from Kanga Kanga. For more information on how / where to order these magazines take a peek at Bree's lovely post.

And now you can order them online from Jollygoo's new online shop!

Mr Y is currently in Tokyo with his family so I have put in an order for some of theses magazines! He gets home on Wednesday and I can't wait! One of the magazines I ordered was Saisai lunch (special thanks to Bree from Ii-ne-kore for the heads up). You can see a review of Saisai Lunch here on Just Bento Blog.


I will post some more pictures when the magazines arrive!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
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