Oooo I love Gakuegeidaigaku.
Even saying it out loud is fun. Go on. Try it. Gaku-gei-dai-gaku. You love it!
Okay I promise this is my last Toyku Toyoko Line suburb! And what a goodie to end on!
Gakugeidaigaku is a quiet little suburban town with lots of winding alleyways dotted with mikan trees, a second hand bookshop or two, one of Tokyo's hippest hotels, and of course no town would be Hello-Sandwich-Fan-Club complete without some lovely zakka shops! Best yet, Gakugeidaigaku is mamachari-riding distance from Nakameguro, Jiyugaoka and Shibuya. Hello Perfect Suburb!

Pretty Hiki-chan!

Claska rooftop

It helped that I had the best Gakugeidaigaku tour guide ever who took me to the wonderful Baden Baden Interior shop.

2-31-7 Chuo-chu, Meguro-ku

Hiki-chan also took me to best second hand book shop where I got Banana Yoshimoto + Yoshitomo Nara's Argentine Hag book and one of Ryoji Arai-san's children's book for less than $15AUD. ありがとう ひきーちゃん!

You will love Gakugeidaigaku I'm sure!
Love Love
Hello (omote)Sando