Another favourite suburb on the Tokyu Toyoko Line (which is fast becoming my new favourite train line after the JR Yamanote-sen) is Jiyugaoka.

I met here recently with Hiki-chan of Jollygoo blog who was kind enough to take me on a wonderful zakka and craft store tour of this sweet little town. Hiki-chan later emailed me personalised 'Hello Sandwich Jiyugaoka Zakka Tour' map pin pointing all of the shops we visited! Ooo what a sweetheart she is! (ありがとう ひきーちゃん!)

To live in Jiyugaoka, as my friend Martin puts it, you have to be 40+, have a small dog, and like French style! There are also some other areas of Jiyugaoka that cater for a younger market. Plus the zakka shops and cafes here are to die for!

6-40-7 Todoroki Setagaya-ku

My favourite part of the Hiki-chan / Hello Sandwich special tour was a delicious lunch at one of Hiki-chan's favourite Tokyo cafes. Ikanika cafe is owned by a lovely husband and wife team and is such a delightful option for lunch. Sweet soft music, Japanese natural style interior, and delicious, beautifully presented teishoku lunch sets. You can see more photos of Ikanika taken by Hiki-chan and her amazing camera here.

Ikanika cafe dry their vegetables outside by sunlight every day.

Joel does this look familiar?

I would really recommend stopping by Jiyugaoka if you are in the area!

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