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Funny post title isn't it but I have too much to tell you. Starting with what a silly Sandwich I am! I can't stop buying design books from Shinjuku's Kinokuniya. But look at this beautiful typography book I bought yesterday! It's meant for embroidery I guess, but I think the letters would look so adorable hand drawn too no? I've been a bit type obsessed lately (more than usual) because time has come where I can no longer exist in Tokyo without a meishi! It's been a great excuse to buy design books and some new fonts for 'inspiration'.

Yesterday, while in Shinjuku, I had lunch with the super talented and lovely Jordon. One of the best things about moving to a new city is meeting lovely new friends don't you think? Jordon is a radio producer, band extraordinaire, runs no less than three websites, and is an all round cheery, creative and charming person. If you don't believe me, just take a look at his live performance on a Tokyo train.

Adorable isn't it?! You'll be singing 'banana' for at least a week after watching this. Trust me! ;)

Jordon took me to Dada Cafe which is a sweet little cafe in yoyogi set inside an old Japanese house. It reminds me of two of my favourite cafes here in Tokyo...Aoya in Nakameguro and Mois cafe in Shimokitazawa. If you are around Shinjuku area and need a break from shopping, it's a nice cosy little hideaway.

Jordon's band 'Baron and Jordon' are playing here this Friday night. If you are in town, make sure to pop in and say hello! Or if you are not in Tokyo, you can buy their first CD, Swingset, online here.

P.S. Oh My! I fell in love with Naoko Ogigami's new film 'toilet' when I saw the trailer for it at the cinema in Shibuya on the weekend. And just a day or so ago Make it Easy posted about another Naoko Ogigami film, Megane. And you might have also seen Hiki's post about Kamome Shokudo which also looks beautiful. I can't wait to watch these films.

There are just too many beautiful things in Japan! I still can't stop smiling that I live here. One last thing...Gracie tells me this interactive exhibition is one not to miss if you are in Tokyo.

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