Tokyo Etsy Craft Party!


Hello Sandwiches!

I just uploaded my first Hello Sandwich post for My VOGUE Japan blog! The first post the lovely team at VOGUE Japan posted on my behalf so it was a challenge to navigate through the Japanese backend of the site...But somehow I pressed a little yellow button with some unfamiliar kanji and the post seems to have gone live! I've posted in Japanese and English so I hope you can pop over to have a peek.

My post is about the Tokyo Etsy Craft Party which is on today in Shibuya. It sounds like a lot of fun and everyone is welcome. They will be hosting workshops showing how to make fabric badges and a cute little bow ring. It's all in honour of the Etsy Worldwide craft party.

I hope wherever you are you'll be able to make some craft today. You may even like to watch some episodes of Hello Sandwich Craft TV for inspiration (the new episode is here)! Or dig out your copy of the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine and make a little confetti bow for someone you love :)

Back to the blogging topic...I'm also writing a Tokyo column for Poppytalk blog, and I also write a weekly Tokyo column for Michi Girl Website! Pop on over some time to say hello.

Happy Weekend Sandwiches!

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