Make A Cheese Box


Hello Sandwiches.

Would you like to make a little cheese shaped box like this? Well, below is a template and a ribbon collage for you to print out to make! It's a little sample for you from our new Gift Wrapping Materials book!

Just print out the template on one side of a piece of A4 cardboard stock, and print out the ribbon collage on the other side of your box. Then, using a bone folder (Dad! That one's for you ;) and a metal ruler, score along the folding lines. Cut out the box shape with scissors or a blade knife and ruler and seal the edges with some tape glue. And voila, you have yourself a cute mini present box!



Thank you so much to everyone for entering the book giveaway and for your super kind comments. I wish I could give you all a copy but sadly I only have a few copies myself :(

So...The winner is Prudence Lansell! Congratulations Lovely!
Prudence, can you send me an email with your postal address?

Love Love
Hello Sandwich