A Private Tour of The mt Factory!


Hello Sandwiches! Do you remember when I went to Takamatsu for the mt school? Well, the amazing team at Kamoi took me on a private tour of the mt factory! Can you imagine how excited I was pulling up in the taxi to mt heaven!!!

We had a refreshing glass of green tea and a little chat before walking around the factory and seeing where the tape is made. The cute Japanese team of workers wore tiffany green coloured protective clothing and shower caps. This factory has a serious attention to detail. I spotted a lady dabbing the edges of the tapes with a folded piece of tape to avoid any unwanted dust sticking to the packaging. You can be absolutely certain mt brand tapes are made to perfection.

As we walked along, we were given off cuts of the giant rolls of tapes complete with crop marks and colour codes.

(Pictures inside the tape making area of the factory are not allowed - sorry Sandwiches!)

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The mt factory has an exhibition hall featuring samples of the product history. From fly catching tape to colourful decorative mt tape, here you can see it all. It's interesting to see how the packaging has evolved, too.

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This is the display wall that features every mt tape ever made! There were some limited edition (only in Taiwan) tapes that I desperately wanted!

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At the end of our tour Takatsuka-san asked me if I could sign my book for him! I was blown away! I felt like they should be signing it for me! Then, he kindly drove us back to the local station in the mt company car. Thank you Kamoi for a wonderful tour of the mt factory! I hope you enjoyed these pics Sandwiches! xoxo