Shimokita to Nakameguro Summer Night Ride

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Just about the only time it's really pleasant to ride in Tokyo at the moment is during the nights, when it starts cooling down a little. (Today, it's 37degrees teamed with some crazy humidity!)

Luke and I took off around 9pm last night. I rode along this Nature Walk listening to this on my way to meet him. (Thanks James) I was on some kind of high, night riding through Tokyo's backstreets, running my hands along the tops of bushes as I rode past, wind in my, well, fringe. Love you Japan.

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A quick stop for some Family Mart essentials.

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Straight into the DIY esky.

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We couldn't believe it when we found this very convenient table riverside in Nakameguro! In true Ghetto style we sat here, drinking our beers, talking about all sorts of things. Painting, creating in general, boys and girls... A pretty awesome Tokyo summer night.

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"Look at it with squinty eyes"

"OMG it looks like space!"

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View from said riverside table.

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Lucky it wasn't a school night.

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Trying to get the hang of the night time F1.8 Av business thanks to my awesome sensei. だんだん. Bit by bit.

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The Friday night cool kids were still hard at it.

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But it was bed time for this Sandwich.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich