Shimokitazawa Shopping

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Grocery shopping at my local supermarket Ozeki. Can you see those little hanging Autumn decorations? These change seasonally. かわいくない?

At the moment it's time for giving half-yearly gifts to clients so take note of the beer case selection in the background. These come beautifully wrapped to perfection, as only Japanese can do. I really need more clients ;) And how convenient that you can buy alcohol in the supermarket!

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Biggest tofu section you will ever see. I always end up sneakily pressing the Tofu because I can't read the kanji for which one is hard or soft (curse you gaijin Sandwich!).

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Love Nashi Pears so much. Most vegetables display which prefecture (or ken) they were grown in, so shoppers can be aware of where their produce is coming from. It's so different to Australia where we grow most of our vegetables locally, but in Tokyo it's not uncommon to walk home with an avocado from Mexico, Bananas from The Philippines, Lemons from America and Asparagus from Australia.

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Fruits and Vegetables keeping cool(ish) from the crazy Tokyo Summer heat.

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Living in such a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo you don't often notice 'Asian' things. But this cardboard box stacking scenario is seriously Asia!

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